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The Right Review System Makes A Difference

Your Google Business Profile is one of your most important online assets. One of the ways to make it rank higher in the map pack is by acquiring new reviews on a consistent basis.

If you do not currently have a system in place, you need one. At Summit Media we have an extremely cost efficient CRM tool that has an integrated reputation management system that is extremely easy to use. If you want more info, or a quick demo on that, please reach out.

If you are not sure about implementing an automated system, here are six steps to help you with manual review requests.

1. Ask Every Customer

Any customer that interacts with your business is a potential for another review, but if you don't personally ask for a review the chances of getting a positive one are almost zero. There is only one customer that usually leaves a review without being asked, an unhappy one. Make sure you are asking that way the good outweigh the bad.

2. Make It Easy

Have a QR code or a link in place that take the customers directly to the review area on your Google Business Profile. This greatly increases the chances of someone leaving a review. The less clicks, the better.

3. Follow Up

You don't want to drive your customers crazy, but have a system in place that asks for a review more than once. If they are asked right after the business is conducted they may forget on the drive home. Have a follow up system that will catch them at the right time.

4. Monitor

Keep track of your success rate. If you are seeing low results, it may be time to tweak the system and try something new.

5. Always Respond A quick thank you is all that it takes, but make sure you are genuine. Don't just copy and paste the same reply to all reviews. The most important reviews to reply to are the bad ones. Show your next customer that you are actively trying to resolve the situation and improve your customers experience.

6. Don't Be Fake

Do not buy fake reviews. Even if they are "guaranteed to stick". Spend the time getting real reviews, from real customers. This genuine approach will work out much better for your company in the long run. It also helps with the consistency.

It is better to get a consistent flow of reviews than a flood all at once. This is why you may see a business with 20 reviews ranking higher than a business with 50 that received them all at one time and haven't had any since. If you want to learn more about SEO, GMB's, websites, and online presence, schedule a call here:

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